video HOW TO MAKE A BIG MAC!!! — OFFICIAL WEBSITE — OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE Ingredients: makes 2 2 Sesame seed bun 1 onion finely chopped 1/2 cup mayonaise 2 TBLS pickle relish 2 slices pickle 1 slice of cheese 200 grams beef mince 1 cup chopped lettuce 1 teaspoon sugar 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar salt and pepper ENJOY! ~ Nicko


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  1. Ο/Η scootfd3s λέει:

    They sell Big Macs for $2 after at Midnight – 5AM here in SoCal . select locations of course.

  2. Ο/Η scootfd3s λέει:

    After midnight -5am in South California… Los Angeles County for all I know. Get it. They started doing this like a year ago. Lets just hope they do it in your area.

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  4. Ο/Η Pahwahster λέει:

    There’s not that much fucking onion in a big mac shit.

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  6. Ο/Η Chraisyer λέει:

    Besides, it’s alot healthier homemade 🙂

  7. Ο/Η DylanR815 λέει:

    Thousand island dressing aka special sauce not mayo.

  8. Ο/Η mc838783 λέει:

    Thumbs up if you are watching in 2013

  9. Ο/Η Yan-Érik Dexter λέει:

    Same in Canada.

  10. Ο/Η sanjaya gunarathna λέει:

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  11. Ο/Η scootfd3s λέει:

    yea.. mcdonalds.

  12. Ο/Η Ronald McDonald λέει:

    Sorry, that title belongs to me.

  13. Ο/Η FreebieFM λέει:

    WTF.. 10,000 likes and 0 dislikes!?

  14. Ο/Η XxNightMarexX1213 λέει:

    The patty is too small

  15. Ο/Η Victor Mason λέει:

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  16. Ο/Η J0EL3H λέει:

    still looks better than what u actually get from mcdonalds

  17. Ο/Η GrilledZucchinis λέει:

    Something’s wrong with the dislike button for all videos today.

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