video Recipe-(Traditional pie with beef liver and kidneys) Traditional pie with beef liver and kidneys Ingredients 2 large carrots, cut in cubes 2 large potatoes, cut in cubes 2 large onions, cut in cubes 500gr. beef liver, cut in pieces 500gr.beef kidneys, cut in pieces Salt, pepper, olive oil 1 pack of fyllo for pies 1 egg, wipped with milk 2 table spoons flour 1 ½ glass white wine 1 vegetable cube in 2 glasses of water. Preparation In a large pan sauté with the oil the onions, the carrots and the potatoes. As soon as they become soft, remove them from the pan, drain the oil and keep them aside. In the same oil sauté the liver and the kidneys. When their liquid extracts, throw away the oil and use a new one. Repeat the same procedure and add half of the wine. The 3rd time you do this add the vegetables, the 2 glasses of water with the cubes, the flour, the rest of the wine and season. Meanwhile, cover with oil a baking dish. Make a layer of 2 fyllos and sizzle some oil between the fyllos. On top of the 2 fyllos add one layer of a fyllo in a cross, so you can cover the entire dish. Add the mixture and then wrapp the corners of the fyllos inside. Repeat the same procedure with the 2 fyllos, sizzle, add a third one in a cross and wrap the end of the fyllos under to create a package.Use an oven dish to turn it around and then return it to the pan carefully. Spread the wipped egg, in order to give color to the pie. Bake in high heat until it becomes gold. Lower the heat and bake for some more. Wont’ take more than 30minutes.

video Recipe-(Traditional pie with beef liver and kidneys)

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  1. Ο/Η camoflux λέει:


  2. Ο/Η pitikuss λέει:

    AFAIK ..form old czech kitchen.. you should boil 2 minutes the kidneys in salty water rinse and again boil for 2 minutes (throw into boiling water)..and rinse..the smell should be much reduced after the meal is done..

  3. Ο/Η Natasha Matthew λέει:

    I enjoyed watching it. Especially with the sounds of screams and car accident in the background. Do you soak the kidneys before cooking them? I heard something along the lines of it helping to reduce the smell…

  4. Ο/Η Grkgod4uturks λέει:

    meaty! very nice protein

  5. Ο/Η ChaChaDave λέει:

    Hi. I enjoyed the video. Looks Delicious.

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